Postage Stamps Featuring Animals

One of the most popular types of postage stamps are those that feature animals. The United States Postal Service has issued many different animal-themed stamps over the years, and they remain some of the most popular among stamp collectors and animal lovers alike. These stamps feature a variety of different animals, from common creatures like birds and squirrels to more exotic animals like tigers and giraffes. The USPS has even released stamps featuring endangered animals, like the bald eagle and the American bison.

While some people may view these animal-themed stamps as simply cute or quirky, they actually serve an important purpose. According to the USPS, these stamps help raise awareness about the importance of conservation and protecting our environment. By featuring different animals on their postage stamps, the USPS is able to educate the public about the need to preserve these creatures and their habitats. Each of these stamps is beautiful in its own way and celebrates the amazing diversity of wildlife found in the United States.

Elephants Postage Stamp


Celebrating America's love for elephants, this lighthearted and playful stamp is perfect to send to loved ones. A graphic illustration of an elephant interacting with its young calf represents the loving nature of these beloved animals. These booklets of forever stamps were issued by the postal service on 08/12/2022.

National Marine Sanctuaries Postage

National Marine Sanctuaries

The 16 photographic stamps on this pane of postage stamps all feature sites which are part of the National Marine Sanctuary System. These sheets of forever postage were first released by the U.S. Postal Service on 08/05/2022.

Eugenie Clark Stamp

Eugenie Clark

The U.S. Postal Service honors pioneering marine biologist Eugenie Clark (affectionately known as the "Shark Lady") with the release of a new commemorative stamp. These sheets of forever postage were made available by the U.S. Postal Service on 05/04/2022.