Stamp Themes and Collections

The United States Post Office has a wide variety of postage stamps spanning many different themes and topics. Whether you like to collect stamps or are simply interested in the different types of stamps you can use to mail your letters, you're sure to find something to like.

If you're a nature lover, you'll be thrilled with the vast selection of postage stamps that feature different animals and plants. From beautiful butterflies to majestic eagles, you can build an impressive collection with nature-themed stamps. There are also seasonal stamps available, from Christmas stamps to Hanukkah postage and more.

The USPS also regularly commemorates people not only with individual stamps, but with series of stamps such as 'Black Heritage'. In recent years the United States Post office has featured many women on stamps and they continue to be on the forefront of American culture in regards to celebrating diversity and reflecting the broad spectrum of the people and places that make up our great country. Since 2011 the USPS has continued their long-standing "love" series of stamps which work for a variety of mailpieces from weddings to birthdays.

There are plenty of postage stamps that focus on different aspects of America. From the Revolutionary War to the broader topic of patriotism, you can learn all about the country's past through these fascinating stamps. And timeless categories such as the military and flags remain as popular as ever.

Whatever your interests may be, there's sure to be a postage stamp that's perfect for you!

Stamp Themes