Two-Ounce Stamps

Some letters are heavier than a standard card and envelope. Invitations to weddings and some greeting cards are often printed on heavier paper (80-110lb paper weight) than the standard paper you find in a typical letter. For these letters to be delivered, a two ounce stamp (or even three ounce stamp) may be required.

Currently, two ounce stamps from the post office cost $0.87 each in 2023. The cost is slightly higher than the current first-class postage rate, however, it is still cheaper than having to use multiple 1st class stamps to cover the weight.

The USPS offers a variety of two ounce stamps which can be used to mail letters and packages weighing up to two ounces:

Sunflower Bouquet Stamp (Two Ounce)

Sunflower Bouquet

This new stamp features a bouquet bright and beautiful sunflowers for a cheerful and inviting design. The two-ounce stamp is perfect for envelopes that need extra postage, such as wedding invitations, large birthday cards, and other oversized envelopes. This sheet of two-ounce postage stamps was made available by the U.S. Postal Service on 03/24/2022.

Katharine Graham Two Ounce Postage Stamps

Katharine Graham

The United States Postal Service honoris pioneering business leader Katharine Graham with this two-ounce stamp. the 17th stamp in the 'Distinguished Americans' series. These sheets of two-ounce postage stamps were first released by the post office on 06/14/2022.

By ordering two-ounce stamps online from Amazon or eBay, you'll avoid the long lines at the post office. Both sell valid US postage stamps. Amazon has the fastest delivery, but stamps are more expensive. We recommend Amazon if speed and convenience matter to you. Ebay, on the other hand, sells postage stamps close to the same price as your local post office, but shipping is much slower than Amazon (5-7 days). Ebay is the best option if you're not in a hurry and want to save a little money.