Current Postage Rates for 2023

The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires different amounts of postage depending on the weight, size, and destination of the letter being sent. The current first-class postage stamp price is 63 cents, which covers letters weighing up to one ounce and are often known better as "forever stamps".

If a letter weighs more than one ounce, additional postage must be paid. Prices also vary depending on the dimensions of the envelope; letters sent in a larger envelope will cost more to mail than those sent in a standard size envelope. Finally, mail sent to destinations outside of the United State require global/international postage.

The table below lists the current cost of postage stamps in 2023 as determined by the USPS. If you need help in determining how much postage you need for your mail, this postage calculator will help you calculate the exact postage you need.

Mailpiece Current Postage Rate
1oz Envelope/First-Class Letter (aka "forever stamps") $0.63
2oz Envelope/First-Class Letter $0.87
Postcard $0.48
Non-machineable Surcharge $0.40
Global/International Letter $1.45

Previous Price Increases/Rate Changes

The United States Postal Service changes the rates of postage stamps to keep up with inflation and ongoing costs associated with delivering mail. Below is a list of previous price increases (and occasional decreases) that have occurred in the past few years. As always, forever stamps will continue to work when sending first-class mail no matter when they were purchased.

Rate Change Date 1oz Add’l oz Postcard Global
01/22/2023 (Current Rate) $0.63 $0.24 $0.48 $1.45
07/10/2022 $0.60 $0.24 $0.44 $1.40
08/29/2021 $0.58 $0.20 $0.40 $1.30
01/24/2021 $0.55 $0.20 $0.36 $1.20
01/26/2020 $0.55 $0.15 $0.35 $1.20
01/27/2019 $0.55 $0.15 $0.35 $1.15
01/21/2018 $0.50 $0.21 $0.35 $1.15
01/22/2017 $0.49 $0.21 $0.34 $1.15

For postage rate changes prior to 2017 see the history of United States postage rates.