Postage Rate Calculator

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Use our postage rate calculator to determine what postage stamp you'll need when mailing your letter. Simply enter the details about your letter or postcard above and our calculator will automatically determine the postage rate you'll pay. While this calculator is focused on 1st-class mail, it will provide a price quote on any letter, postcard, or large envelope that you want to mail within the United States.

Important Caveats:

  1. Though every effort was made to make this postage calculator as accurate as possible, it is not an official tool from the United States Post Office. We highly recommend taking a final, sealed version of your letter/envelope to your local post office to be absolutely sure of the rate you'll pay, especially if you are sending several mailpieces that are the same size and weight (such as wedding invitations).

  2. The rates above are only valid for domestic mail.

  3. The calculator does not work for packages.

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